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App Usage is an app that allows you to easily manage all of the apps on your Android, while also showing you detailed specs about each of them including the number of times you open each app every day, as well as how long you use each one for.

Take a quick peek at all the apps you installed on your Android right from the interface in App Usage. There tapping on any of your apps allows you to run an uninstall feature, but you'll also get to check their specs, or edit notes. That way, you'll gain direct access to each app's page on Google Play (if it has one) and share it with other users.

Another interesting feature in App Usage, is that it allows you to collect a complete history of usage information for each of your apps, like how long you spend on each app, or the number of times you open it. You'll also gain insight to the apps you install and uninstall as well as a timeline with actions you take. You'll even get to activate an alarm that warns you when you've been using your Android for too long.

Offering a wide array of interesting information, App Usage is a great tool for managing your apps. Haven't you ever felt the desire to know exactly how much time you spend on a specific app?
By Jessica
App Usage: Control your smartphone activity

If you looked into the nitty-gritty of the rough-and-tumble use you give your smartphone every day you'd surely be shocked by some things. App Usage is an app that does just what it says on the tin: keeps track of all the activities you do with your smartphone in terms of the amount of time you spend on and how many times you open each app, as well as all your app updates and installations. The results after a few days of use are surprising.
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Android 2.3 or higher required.